Maiya Lea Hartman is a multi-disciplinary artist and muralist born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. Being a self-taught artist, their work has largely been informed by generational influences. Growing up Maiya spent much time watching their dad draw and paint and was encouraged to create without setting self-imposed limitations. This has shaped the approach they take to creating today.
    Maiya’s practice thrives on pushing the boundaries of what we know art to be. By using materials and found objects in their portraiture they draw on nostalgia while enhancing the complex narratives being explored. The subjects of their portraiture are both real and imagined and explore various facets of self identity. They often use self-portraits as a means of understanding their own connection to identity and environment. Ancestral influences are explored through the use of fabric, braiding hair, and hand-carved Adinkra symbols.
    In the past 2 years as an artist in residence with Studio400 they have shared work in group exhibitions, spoken on artist panels, and worked as a lead artist with Creatives After Curfew on a number of public art projects. Creatives After Curfew was formed In response to the murder of George Floyd as a way to bring images of healing and unity to the communities of Minneapolis. Their art's focus is in solidarity with a push for the abolition of police, community led safety, and imaging a future rooted in justice and liberation.


The Human Scale 2021
Rochester Arts Center

Disquietude 2020
White Bear Center for the Arts 

Blank Slate 2020
Gamut Gallery Minneapolis, MN 

Mural Work 2020